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Looking To Fix A Leaking Roof?

As a homeowner, one of your greatest worries will be for a small leaky roof to deteriorate into major damages. We all wish to have a warm, dry and clean interior, as such, constant roof maintenance should not be underestimated.

Do you realize that many homeowners are sometimes tempted to relegate fixing their leaky roof to the back burner, but there are more reasons to give it the needed urgency. Date collated by Roofingandguttering members for roofers Dublin revealed that the cost of fixing a leaky roof may rise from €291 to about €1,083 if delayed, sometimes, a delay may result in a complete change of the entire roof. The average roof repair cost is presently 687. A leaky roof could result in structural deterioration, insulation damage and mould, water hazard, fire and shock hazard, just to mention a few.


When Deciding If  You Should Fix The Leaking Roof Yourself or Hire A Roof Repair Specialist You Need To Assess The Following;

  • Causes & Areas of Roof Leaks
  • Locating the Leaks
  • Types of Leaks and Repair
  • Repair Cost
  • Common Roof Repairs and their Costs


Causes & Areas of Roof Leaks

Leaks could result from the following:

  • Valleys not properly sealed: Valleys are those areas where two planes come together. Without a well-sealed valley, it becomes very easy for rainwater to leak into the building as water slopes down the roof.
  • Ice dams buildup: This is a ridge of ice that forms on top of your roof. Ice dams prevent melting water from draining off into your rain gutter and also exerting unnecessary weight on the roof thereby leading to its damage.
  • Broken or missing shingles – this could be caused by wind. With only one shingle missing, the roof may still be considered ok for some time. However, with more than one shingles off your roof, it’s advisable to immediately replace them to prevent the underneath felt paper from getting damaged.
  • Cracked or damaged flashing: flashings are vent pipes sitting beneath your roof material and at root, joint to form a water-resistant barrier. Corrosion of these pipes would allow water to seep into the building.
  • Cracked Chimney: wear and tear signs around the mud cap can result into leaking.

Other causes include;

  • Condensation in the attic
  • Clogged gutters
  • Poorly sealed skylight, etc.


Locating the Leak

Detecting the leak shouldn’t be a too difficult exercise. The roofing contractor and even the house owner can find the point of the leak from within the house. Other times, odours of rotten metals wood are helpful. However, in some cases, detecting the point of leakage may require the contractor to do a detailed inspection of the whole roof. Even when the leak seems obvious, it is advisable to allow the contractor to conduct a thorough investigation so as to ensure all points of the leak are covered in the repair.

Problem Remedy DIY Cost
Broken or missing shingles: caused by heavy winds that removes the shingles. You can easily discover this by looking at the roof top for missing shingles For a broken shingles, gently remove it with a pry bar to be inserted under the shingles. After this, replace it with a new one and get four piece of nails to keep it in place. €15 to €30
Ice dams: caused by ridges of ice on the roof top. Get a roof rake to remove the ice first. Then some ice-melt products- to be applied as prescribed by the manufacturer. Lastly, you can procure and invest in roof heat cable to prevent future occurrence €40 to €60 (The rake is a one-time purchase.)
Cracked Flashing: they are metal materials used to form water resistant barrier between joints. Wear and tear could make then corrode. Carefully removed the old nails and replace the metal strip, then reseal it roofing tar €15 to €25
Cracked Vent Booting: These are gasket used to seal roof openings. You can use a knife to cut off the old boot, install a new one and nail it in place with a roofing nail on either side, then ally a caulk to seal it €15 to €25
Clogged Gutters: Clean out the gutter before your have a leaking roof. Maintain your routine to save future costs.  No Cost
Skylight Leaks: they easily get cracked as they age. The cracks result in to leaks Remove any debris from your skyline and repair the cracks, if any, with silicon sealant. €20 to €50


Common Roof Leaks, Repairs & Their Costs

At this junction, we would be examining the repair cost of repairing a roof for the common causes of roof leaks as explained in the earlier section. Whereas a contractor may be consulted to repair major leaks, few minor leaks could be carried out by the homeowner. We have also included what needs be done to repair the leaks should you be interested in DIY (do it yourself). The prices included are only to be used as a guide, your unique job will require a custom quote. Get a quote now.


Roof Repair Costs by Material Type

Let’s consider the different roofing materials and their cost for roofers Dublin. Roofs are of different material and designs — wood shake, composite roofing, asphalt shingles, metal, flat, etc.


Material Average Cost to Fix
Flat, Foam or Single-Ply €350 to €500
Composite €200 to €300
Tile €250 to €350
Wood Shake €300 to €400
Slate €300 to €450
Asphalt Shingles €200 to €300
Metal €200 to €500

Other Common Roof Repairs and Costs

Let’s look at some other repairs mostly ignored by people when examining their house roof.

Fascia and Soffits Repairs: Often considered as decorative edge. They help with attic ventilation and serve as protection for the roof structure. Damage to the fascia or soffits may affect the gutters. Soffits panels range from €15 to €30 for a 12-foot board, while fascia is available in either PVC or wood, with the cost ranging around €26 per 8-foot board.

Roof Trusses Repair: they provide the physical support and structure for the roof. Leaks run through the trusses before getting into the inner ceiling. For this reason, they may get damaged. The cost of repairing damaged trusses varies, depending on the extent of the repair needed and the material used.

Roof Gutter Repairs: Cleaning the gutter is one of the easiest things one can do as a homeowner, though time-consuming. Failure to clear the gutter on time may affect the fascia, the underlayment, and the trusses, which will result in high cost to repair. Totally damaged gutters need to be replaced. Roofing cement may be used where the damage is just a small hole. It is advisable that the patch material should be of the same material as the gutter to avoid corrosion between them. It cost around €6 for a 10-foot section and €4 to replace joiner.


It’s quite expensive to construct a roof and maintain it in top form. However, to avoid excessive maintenance cost, any observation of a slight leak should be immediately repaired. A poorly repaired leak will result in greater damage and higher repair cost in the future. While some repairs can be carried out by the house owner at little or no cost, it is recommended to consult a contractor to conduct a thorough investigation of the leaks and fix them all at once.

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