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Different types of Roof Tiles

The roof is one of the fundamental structures of the home or office, and its durability dramatically depends on the type of tiles, design and other materials used. The model in which tiles are placed over each other determines the level of the strength of the roof. There are different types of roof tiles available on the market which are made of a variety of materials. Tiles are available in various shapes, sizes, finishes, and colours. Today market is flooded with an array of tiles that are combined or refinements of original tiles that were introduced hundreds of years ago. Four types of tiles are used for roofing which remains popular even today.

Slate – carved from natural stone and comes in varying sizes, shapes and thickness
Pan-tiles – Made from clay and has an ‘S’ shape

Plain tiles – made from clay and comes in a rectangular shape

Roman tiles – similar to that of a clay tile but has a flat cross-section with a small roll

Innovation and advanced technology in the field of construction which is driven to cut down the construction costs have led the way to the invention of the new type of tiles that are both durable and cost-effective. Today the consumers are spoilt for choice of roofing tiles available on the market. Below we are discussing some of the popular tiles on the market today that many homeowners and contractors prefer for roofing.

Pantiles produce one of the most elegant roofscapes with the distinctive S profile. The series of ridges and furrows creates beautiful roofscape design and is the most popular and eco-friendly which is preferred by the most of the homeowners. The tiles are environment-friendly as they are made of clay.

Plain Roof tiles
Plain roof tiles are small rectangular shaped roof tiles which are made of clay. The distinctive color and appearance of the tile give the sense of texture and detail to the roof. The tiles can be both hand and machine made, but the handmade ones give your roof a classic appearance.

Roman Roof tiles
Roman roof tiles are another popular type of tile on the market today. The tile is flat shapes featuring one or two small roles. These tiles give your roof a Mediterranean look and are made of clay. The tile occupies a special place in conservation and refurbishment market.

New Generation Roof tiles

The continuous research and development in the field of construction have led to the invention of new generation range of tiles. The advanced technology tiles are made from natural clay and are more affordable when compared to the traditional clay tiles.

Concrete Thin Leading Edge (TLE)
Concrete thin leading edge tile is a thing tile which is similar to clay tile but comes with an interlock. The tiles are made of concrete but the technology used makes them the lightest and the most durable of all tiles.

Today the market is flooded with different types of roof tiles, but choosing the right tile for the roof is a crucial step in roof design. The type of tile you choose greatly influences the look, strength, and durability of the roof.


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